Our tools

JustLabs prides itself on a distinctive methodology, embodying a “Swiss-army-knife” approach that adapts tools commensurate with the exigency of the challenge. Our modus operandi involves:

  • Pioneering exploration into prevailing research pertaining to the conundrum at hand, ensuring that our creative trajectory is grounded in data and rigorous analysis (research). This involves the collaborative design of solutions by those most profoundly affected by the quandary, encompassing a continuous and pragmatic process of testing and iteration (design thinking).
  • The formulation of strategic decisions in the present is predicated on an exhaustive examination of and insights derived from potential future scenarios (futures thinking).
  • Facilitating conversations, particularly those that delve into existential queries concerning one’s professional and personal commitment, facilitated by genuine attentiveness and expression derived from mindfulness and other contemplative methodologies (contemplative practices).
Multi tools
  • Learning and process design derive inspiration from the lived experiences of the communities and collaborators with whom we engage (popular education).
  • Approaching intricate problems through a systems theory lens, acknowledging interdependencies and complexity while concurrently endeavoring to deconstruct these issues into manageable components for resolution via a methodical approach. This involves: (1) comprehending the contextual backdrop in which the predicament resides; and, (2) employing the most apt tool to address the specific issue at hand (systems thinking).

While JustLabs does not assume the role of a facilitation consulting entity, we place a premium on processes as much as the “substantive” aspect. This is why our facilitation style is avant-garde, residing at the crossroads of dynamism, collaboration, engagement of the complete individual, encompassing not solely their intellectual facets, but also infusing an element of enjoyment. This guarantees that all individuals who partake in our lab experience peak creativity and a heightened acumen for solutions.